Monday, January 19, 2015

CIM, did that really happen?

At this point the adrenaline and sore muscles are long gone but what a great day December 7th was. I was not training for CIM specifically until 7 weeks before the race. It was in the back of my head but I really did not think I was going to run it. After analyzing my running and realizing that I was basically marathon training already I decided that I really was ready and had the desire to race a marathon, I was not sure if a PR was in the cards but that was not my goal.
My goals for this race were to not get sick (I battle nausea after and during a lot of my marathons) and to finish strong(meaning I wanted to actually try and be super disciplined in the early miles so that I could have some left in the tank). I knew if those 2 things happened that there was a chance I could PR but really I was ok if it did not happen.
Mike and I traveled to sacramento on Friday and just hs a really relaxing time leading up to the marathon. It was actually my bday and it was nice to just chill and order food in and have my feet up. We went to the expo which was well organized and was an in and out experience. Big expos are fun but I was happy to just be able to grab my bib and shirt and be out of there.
Saturday I slept until my body woke up and then Mike joined me on a short 2 mile shakeout run. It was beautiful out and I was feeling excited. I was also happy to be able to try out my watch as I had to get a new one because my old band broke and there was not time to mail it in to have it fixed. My new watch came on Thursday night, nothing like cutting it close. Anyway saturday was chill, we did a little shopping and drove the course. I don't always do that but I am really glad I did this time. The course had a lot of rolling hills and I'm glad I saw them because I had heard about them. Got back to the room and took a nap, by far the most I have ever focused on resting up and staying off my feet in the days leading up to a race. 
Legs up, resting :)
I was also focusing on eating more in the days before the race. I tend to not be very hungry probably due to less running and nerves. I was also making sure I got enough electrolytes, pretty sure that was contributing to me getting sick. I took electrolyte pills and pounded Nuun and powerade zero. I consulted my doctor (my husband :) to make sure that there was nothing bad about doing this. He said there was not, that any excess my body would just get rid of in urine so I figured that I did not have much to lose.  I REALLY did not want to get sick! The last 12 miles of St. George were pretty miserable, as well as the hour after.
When we got to the start I had intended to stay on the bus but after a few minutes I looked at my watch and it was 6:30. I needed to get off, get in the port a potty line, drop my bag, and hopefully warmup a little in just 30 minutes. 
It was clear in Folsom and it was a little chilly but perfect for racing. I made my way to a shortish potty line and then heard my name. Somehow my coach and teammates had found that same line. My coach asked if I was excited and I am not sure exactly what I said but I was still trying to hold back the tears, my back was hurting and I just was not mentally strong right then. I don't remember what was said other than just do the best you can today.
I was kind of a mess.  After using the port a potty I waited for my teammates.  One of my teammates offered to say a prayer and I gladly agreed.  I finally let the tears flow and after that I was able to find peace.
We quickly moved to bag drop and then found out way to the start line, well kind of close.  CIM has Olympic trials qualifier pacers for the women, so there were lots of super fast ladies there, I knew I did not want to be at the front of the start line :). My plan was to start conservatively and then assess after the first 10 miles.  I figured I could start with the 3 hour pacer and then I would not have to think at all for the first 10 miles.  I never saw a 3 hour pacer.  Oh well, I knew my teammates were going to go out a little faster than my plan so I knew I did not want to stay right with them but I could somewhat pace off of them.  I wanted to stay right on their heels but knew that I really wanted to follow my plan.
 Even though I was a little chilled I knew I would not want my long sleeve once I got moving so I shed that during the national anthem.  Decided to keep my gloves and I was happy I did, after removing them I carried them and used them to wipe the water and Nuun off my face.  Turns out I
am not getting any better at running fast and drinking!

I feel like it has been too long to remember the play by play but I still wanted to get a few things down so I have them documented and can look back on them.

Before the race fuel: 2hours before race time
Greek yogurt with granola and 1/2 banana
 On the bus:
UCAN-2 1/2 scoops (this was hard to get down, dang nerves) 45 minutes before
2 Sport legs pills (tried these for the 1st time)
powerade zero and water (stopped drinking 1/2 hour before)

Spilts: Alternated water and Nuun at every Aid Station
1-6:49  super chill
10K split-42:03 6:46 pace
8-6:53 good rollers
9-6:52 more good rollers,picked up 1/2 banana on the course and at between 9&10
11-6:38-orange slice from the volunteer
12-6:38-2 Powerade energy chews
1/2 marathon split-128:30 6:46 pace, consistency is the name of the game:)
14-6:45-2 Honey Stinger chews
17-6:36-picked up another 1/2 banana, unplanned fuel source but I knew my stomach did well with it
19-6:43, I was in a little bit of shock that I was still feeling good and smiling
20-6:41, 2 powerade chews
20 mile spit-2:14:47 6:45pace
23-6:40-forced 3 honey stinger chews
24-6:45-I felt like I was running a 10 min/mile, my legs started to hurt
25-6:46, this mile was long!
26-6:41, I gave it everything I had and repeated, "less than a lap around the track."
.2-6:32, all the kick I could muster

Official finish time-2:56:36  6:45pace

I negative split the course, I was ecstatic about this!  Goals accomplished, I did not get sick and I felt and ran strong the last 10k.
The PR was the icing on the cake.
I have said several times that this may be my lifetime PR and if it is I am totally great with it!

I was so happy and really felt pretty good!  I was not nauseous and was really in shock that all that I had just happened.  It really was the most perfect race that I have been able to execute.  

There are so many things that I did a little different this time so contribute to this race, wanted to list a few so I can remember, sorry to bore anyone.

-rested more in the days leading up, not just sleeping but staying off my feet
-focused on eating more, stuck to foods I knew my body liked
-focused on my electrolyte consumption
-Fueled early and often with small amounts
-made sure I had water or Nuun shortly after fueling, not a lot but at least a few good swallows
-followed the plan, started out conservatively and really help back, there is nothing to prove in the     early miles.  I f it does not feel easy in the beginning you are going too Fast.
-focused on the mile I was in and stayed positive
-when it hurt I got tougher and did not give myself an out, Mind over Matter

It still feels a little surreal and I still smile when I think about this race.  Its been 6 weeks and my body is recovered.  By far the best recovery that I have had after a marathon.  Feeling the desire to set some new goals and register for some new races.  
So thankful for the support of my husband and my teammates and training partners both the ones that were at the race and the ones that were cheering me from afar.


  1. Wow!!! Best race ever! Look at those consistent and speedy split times. I can tell you were very prepared which led to a great race performance. I'm so happy for you! A 2:56 marathon PR is awesome! Congrats and yes, please keep blogging! I've missed your posts! : )

  2. I thought I replied to this post. You are my running hero! Amazing to see how fast you have become over the years!!

  3. I am smiling. Love this. You are amazing. I admire you so much!!! Incredible race girl. Xo

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