Saturday, September 10, 2011

21=Fun, what?

Today I ran a 21 miler and I had fun doing it :) I am running St. George with my sister in her first marathon and so I decided that I needed to get at least one 21 miler. I have always basically raced my long runs, run faster and I am done faster. Isn't that the way to do it? I am learning that the body needs a break sometimes from running fast and thatI will be able to get faster if I slow down. Makes total sense, right
So my goal for this morning was to take it easy and have fun. I love running with groups and chatting, so much more fun than solo. So I set out on my adventure hoping to finish feeling good, fuel better than I normally do, and have fun. I am happy to say that I accomplished all three goals. It was a beautiful morning for a long run and the sunrise was gorgeous as well as my fav part which was crossing the St. Johns Bridge.
My legs did start to get a little tired around mile 17 but other than that I felt good . I fueled better than I normally do but I know that I can still do better in this department.
If you have any suggestions or things that work for you I would love to hear them.

Today I love running more than I have in a while. Maybe the burnout is over :) Slowing down a little to enjoy running is just what I needed :)