Sunday, March 18, 2012

Training, treadmills, and toes

Training is going well, my body is adapting well to my speed workouts. The first couple of weeks were a little rough. My legs hurt and I was having some knee issues but I went to the chiropractor and had him work things out before they became anything major.
Last week was my highest mileage week ever-80 miles.
It looked like this-
M-15 miles easy 7:58 pace
T-11.25 miles speed 12x400's
overall pace 7:22
W-10 recovery miles 8:00 pace
Th-11 miles hill work on the treadmill
3 mile warmup then mp the rest of the way.
Varied incline between 1%-7% for 3 miles then 1% the rest of the way.
F-ran double day-18 miles 8:10 pace
S-ran double day 15 miles 7:39 pace

The crazy thing about this 80 mile week is that all of my miles were on the treadmill. Not my choice but I had to run at some crazy times due to my hubby's schedule and my own schedule. I wish that I could run outside in the early morning hours but without a running partner I just done think it is a good idea. I was not able to meet up with Nicole at all this week :(. Do you like running on treadmills?

Speaking of treadmills, I am getting a new one :). My current treadmill is over 10 years old and is about dead so my hubby said that I could get a new one :). This will allow for better training and more options to breakup more of my runs and more early morning runs.

I am still intimidated by speedwork on the track. It is hard for me and I totally psych myself out. I have some major mental work to do. I have found that since I have increases the intensity of training and my mileage that it has also increased the amount of self doubt that I have. Do any of you find yourself doubting your abilities even though you are training harder?

Okay lastly I need some suggestions for good socks. This past week I have had several blisters. I have never had a issue with blisters but I am pretty sure that I need new socks. Do you have socks that you love? Please share, my toes will thank you :). My poor feet really do look like runners feet
I need a pedicure but is it worth it because I will just ruin it the next day?

Okay, off to bed. I am meeting up with Nicole for a long run outside in the morning:). Yeah for fresh air!!!!!