Sunday, March 18, 2012

Training, treadmills, and toes

Training is going well, my body is adapting well to my speed workouts. The first couple of weeks were a little rough. My legs hurt and I was having some knee issues but I went to the chiropractor and had him work things out before they became anything major.
Last week was my highest mileage week ever-80 miles.
It looked like this-
M-15 miles easy 7:58 pace
T-11.25 miles speed 12x400's
overall pace 7:22
W-10 recovery miles 8:00 pace
Th-11 miles hill work on the treadmill
3 mile warmup then mp the rest of the way.
Varied incline between 1%-7% for 3 miles then 1% the rest of the way.
F-ran double day-18 miles 8:10 pace
S-ran double day 15 miles 7:39 pace

The crazy thing about this 80 mile week is that all of my miles were on the treadmill. Not my choice but I had to run at some crazy times due to my hubby's schedule and my own schedule. I wish that I could run outside in the early morning hours but without a running partner I just done think it is a good idea. I was not able to meet up with Nicole at all this week :(. Do you like running on treadmills?

Speaking of treadmills, I am getting a new one :). My current treadmill is over 10 years old and is about dead so my hubby said that I could get a new one :). This will allow for better training and more options to breakup more of my runs and more early morning runs.

I am still intimidated by speedwork on the track. It is hard for me and I totally psych myself out. I have some major mental work to do. I have found that since I have increases the intensity of training and my mileage that it has also increased the amount of self doubt that I have. Do any of you find yourself doubting your abilities even though you are training harder?

Okay lastly I need some suggestions for good socks. This past week I have had several blisters. I have never had a issue with blisters but I am pretty sure that I need new socks. Do you have socks that you love? Please share, my toes will thank you :). My poor feet really do look like runners feet
I need a pedicure but is it worth it because I will just ruin it the next day?

Okay, off to bed. I am meeting up with Nicole for a long run outside in the morning:). Yeah for fresh air!!!!!


  1. Oh my toes are AWFUL! Both of my middle toes are black and blue. yuck. Steph, you are running so strong and WOW, those are impressive miles girl! Are you using a plan? I never asked you. Ha, mental battles...oh boy, I could go you can see from my post today. I can't wait to see you race a marathon! You're awesome!

  2. You are seriously amazing! I love when you post because you inspire me to train harder :).
    I love my Smartwool running socks- have never had a blister with them! Smartwool PhD Running Ultra Lite Micro.

  3. Awesome training! I love running high mileage but definitely agree that it can come with self doubt. I think you just have to realize when you are running high mileage a lot of the miles will be easy recovery miles. You are doing awesome!

  4. I think it is so normal to be intimidated by your paces at times; the body gets fast quicker than the mind can accept it. Ha!

    Socks - have you tried Injinji socks? I love them and no blisters.

    Great job!

  5. You are amazing, Steph! I just caught up on your blog. I would love to train with Team Athena and Nikki. Nikki was in the same Running Coach Certification class with me. She was already a running coach (and obviously amazing!) but just wanted the little piece of paper. I love training beginners, and someday I am going to qualify for Boston. You inspire me with your speed and dedication!!

  6. Wow that is a HUGE week! I can't even imagine running that. Hope you are doing well in training now. Thanks for your last comment on my 22 miler. Not sure if you are right, but that would sure be nice. :)

  7. OK you are so amazing, I am glad I have you to look up to for all my running inspiration. I didn't even know I was so behind on your running blog until this morning. It is fun catching up. On the sock situation. I have Feetures and they are honestly the best socks I have ever had and ran it. Bonus: they have a lifetime guarantee so if you wear them out Feetures will just give you a new pair.