Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I actually did it!!

I actually finally made a decision on my spring marathon :)

The most exciting news of the day is that I picked and registered for a spring marathon!
I will be running the Windermere Marathon on May 19th in Spokane. This just feels right! I graduated from high school in Spokane and although my parents no longer live there it will be fun to go back. I did not run in high school in fact I hated running. So funny how things can change :) The really fun thing is that I decided on my run today that I was for sure doing this marathon and then got home and found out through facebook that 2 of my really good friends from high school are running too! I am finally soooo excited about a race. Goals for the marathon, ?????, you know I can't make too many decisions in one day. In all seriousness I would love to PR, by how much, now that is the question I need to figure out.

I also joined Team Athena a couple of weeks ago. I have been running a few times on Saturdays with a group from the Team including Nikki Rafie, who is the coach and also winner of a few Portland marathons. It is a all womens running group with women of all ages and paces. The team meets on Tuesday nights for track workouts. Last night I went to my 1st ever track workout. Well it just so happened that last night was mile time trial night. Ughh, really? This was the going to be my 1st experience with track. I was really nervous and not looking forward to it at all but I thought it would be good for me. I have never raced a mile so I had no idea what to shoot for or what to expect.
After doing a good warmup with strides and drills we lined up to race this mile. Honestly I would rather run 13 miles. I know that is weird but I m a distance runner, not a sprinter.
I was going to try though, I was up for the challenge.
I did it, it hurt a little. I have not has the feeling that my lungs were on fire in a while. Not quite the time that I hoped for but a good place to start and it is nice to know where I am at and hopefully at the next time trial I can improve after doing some speed work.

I also got 3 new pairs of shoes :) 2 pairs of Brooks Launches because I love them and they came out with a new color combo the week after I ordered the other pair and I want to make sure that they don't run out of my size. I also ordered a pair of Brooks Pure Flow. They are awesome! I will be rotating between the Launches and the Pure Flows.

Today I saw on daily Mile that I ran 301 miles last month :) That is definitely a new high for me:) It helps that for 5 days I was in paradise (The Bahamas) with no kids and no responsibilities! I will leave you with a few photos from my fabulous vacay!


  1. 301 miles?? You are amazing! I've heard lots of good things about the Windermere marathon.
    So jealous of you beautiful vacation! Someday, I will go someplace warm and relaxing :).

  2. I am Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for you to run Windermere! you gonna kick some booty girl!!!!!!!

  3. What hs did you graduate from???? You will do awesome at Windermere- the course is flat, flat, flat! I wish I was going to be home that weekend so I could cheer you on, but I will be in PDX. Go figure!

    1. I went to University high school. Have you run Windermere? Would love to hear any tips :). Crazy that we are going to switch places that weekend. Are you from Spokane?

    2. Very cool! My husband grew up in Cheney and I grew up by Manzanita. I have been in Spokane for almost 10 years now. I have only run the Winderemere half, not the full. The full starts in Post Falls and is on the centennial trail, ending in Riverfront Park. Its pretty flat, but I think it can get pretty warm. Most of the course isn't shaded very well. But there's great places for spectators since the trail is right next to the road.

  4. Yay on the Spring Marathon! Super congrats on 301 miles too! I love the New Launches. I switch off between the Launches and the Flows as well for the most part! I think this running club sounds so fun. I wish we had a group around here. I would hate to know how I would perform in a one mile time trial right now....Kudos to you for doing it!

  5. I think I would have to mentally prep myself for a mile time trial. Ouch! Great job for doing it. So excited for your season and your HM. 301 miles, wow!

  6. So exciting about the upcoming Spring race!! I'm actually headed to Spokane on Monday, but unfortunately it's not for anything fun!