Monday, January 9, 2012

No decisions yet :)

So I have not made any race decisions for the spring yet, I just continue to train for a race. I really need to pick one. I intend to make a decision this week when I am lying on the white sandy beach in the Bahamas. So looking forward to not wearing gloves, long sleeves and running tights on my runs of the next few days.
Running has been going well. I ran 69 miles last week, and yes that 1 mile it would have taken to make it 70 does bug me a little. I am a neurotic runner, you know exactly what I am talking about :). But I decided to not be so neurotic that I jumped on the treadmill in my garage at 11pm. Instead I told myself tha t a number does not define me as a runner. Quality not just quantity is what it will take to get that new marathon Pr.
That is really it. Stay tuned for my decision and pics of my vacay :)


  1. Can't wait. I think warm sandy beaches and peace and quiet will be exactly what u need to clear your mind. And then I think the right choice will come to u. Remember the lord wants u to succeed so listen to the still small voice inside and choose the one YOU feel is right. So excited for u! See u when u get back! Love u!!xxx

  2. Super jealous about the warm sandy beach in the Bahamas. I hope that you have fun!

  3. I can identify with your neurosis over numbers! Kudos to you for staying off the TM at 11 PM. It takes more discipline to rest than to run sometimes.

  4. New follower here! That's a lot of miles! I would have been really pleased...but would have also probably been neurotic and went and did the one mile lol...Look forward to reading!