Monday, March 29, 2010


Dear Left Hip area-
I realize that you are tired an that I have been asking a lot of you but, can you please hang in there for 3 more weeks and then you can have a break. Today you won't even let me run without pain, when did you decide to revolt on me? Please cooperate, my dream is at stake here! I have worked too long and too hard to let you get in my way!!!!!! I will do my best to take care of you until the marathon, I promise to take you to see Dr. Folcum the best running physical therapist in the country. If he tells me that he thinks I can run, you need to step up for me. This is horrible timing and I really need you to cooperate with me. I am begging you! I will be soooooooo disappointed if I can't run the marathon. You don't want to mess with me do you?

Heal quickly :)

One desperate marathoner

Saturday, March 27, 2010

21 miler-Expect the unexpected!

So this morning I was totally prepared for my 21 miler, physically and mentally. Had all the right gear, charged Ipod (or so I thought), baby fed, body glided, fueled up and ready to go. I decided to do a 7 mile loop 3 times so that I did not have to worry about carrying water (it was planted along the way) or finding a potty if I needed one. So I headed out and was feeling good, then my Ipod died which was very curious to me since I plugged it in to charge last night and left it there until this morning. Oh well I was getting close to my house and I thought I would just trade for my husband's or my daughter's. So I ran in the door and wouldn't you know it both of their Ipod's were dead also. I was kind of annoyed but decided that it would be a good mental test. I usually don't ever turn my Ipod on in the marathon anyway, but that is because I like to talk to other people when I run. Could I do it all by myself? If I could do it, I could do Boston.
Things were going pretty well, except for my nagging hip but all in all it was going well and then it got better!!!
I was running on the trail at Nike for a little bit of a break from the pavement, I looked up and saw a woman running toward me. Without music I was really taking in all of my surroundings. I looked closer and realized it was Kara Goucher. (If you don't know who she is you are not as big of a running nerd as I am :) she is the top us female marathoner and placed 3rd at Boston last year) Could it be my running idol in person? I was so excited, I got a huge grin on my face and said hi very enthusiastically. I am sure that she thought I was a nerd but I could not contain my excitement. In hind sight I wish that I have turned around and run with her so I could pick her brain about Boston (although she runs marathons an hour faster than me)
Anyway the moral of my story is sometimes in life things don't go according to plan and sometimes they turn out better than expected! Today was that day for me!!!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Bib #13292

So much for blogging about my training! Boston is 24 days away! I got home from our spring break adventures and what was waiting for me in the mail, my bib number! 21 miles tomorrow, so close to the end of training! This has been so a long time coming and I a ready for it to be here!!