Monday, March 29, 2010


Dear Left Hip area-
I realize that you are tired an that I have been asking a lot of you but, can you please hang in there for 3 more weeks and then you can have a break. Today you won't even let me run without pain, when did you decide to revolt on me? Please cooperate, my dream is at stake here! I have worked too long and too hard to let you get in my way!!!!!! I will do my best to take care of you until the marathon, I promise to take you to see Dr. Folcum the best running physical therapist in the country. If he tells me that he thinks I can run, you need to step up for me. This is horrible timing and I really need you to cooperate with me. I am begging you! I will be soooooooo disappointed if I can't run the marathon. You don't want to mess with me do you?

Heal quickly :)

One desperate marathoner


  1. Hey Steph,

    Just thinking about you. I hope you are doing well. Good luck this weekend!! I will be following you. I hope your hip is cooperating.

  2. Hope you are doing better! Great to hear from you. How did you know where I live? This kind of scares me a little if it is that easy to figure that out. Was it from a Garmin link? Off to run now. :) HOpe to check this blog out in a few hours. ;)

  3. Amanda- It was from your Garmin link. I was just checking it out to see another good long run option in Portland and low and behold it looked so familiar :) We should definitely meet up some time. Maybe after your marathon

  4. I know this is old, but how's the hip? Do you get in there w/ a trigger point ball??? Will make a world of difference.. you can put it in the bag you carry around w/ your foam roller! :)