Saturday, November 19, 2011

Let's be honest...

I really suck at blogging!!!! I am a runner who occasionally blogs, not a blogger who runs :) Now that we have that straight, I do have a new goal. I would love to keep my new goal of blogging once a week. So we will see how it goes :)
This weeks workouts looked like this:
Monday- 8 miles on the waterfront w/Nicole 8 min pace
pm-3 treadmill miles 8:30 pace
Tuesday-9.5 speedwork on the treadmill
Wed- 9 miles with lots of hills
Thurs- 9 recovery miles around 8:15 pace
Fri- 11 miles (Ran all 3 courses of the Turkey Trot that I am putting together) 7:30 average pace
Sat- 11 miles 7:25 pace

Total miles-60.5

I am having a really hard time planning my racing schedule for next year. After a lot of self reflection I feel that this is pretty reflective of my whole life right now. I feel like for so many years my life was pretty much planned and I followed the plan. For the 1st time in my married life I have no plans to get pregnant, I am not pregnant, nursing, or taking care of lots of little kids. My 3 oldest are pretty self sufficient and I find myself with more free time. I could easily fill that but I want to fill it with things that are going to help me accomplish my goals. I have been trying to figure out what my goals are in this new phase of my life. What do I want to accomplish in life? in my running?
Midlife crisis? I would not call it a crisis, just a crossroads. My goal is to find balance between all of the things that I love and are most important to me. So as I figure out who I want to be and what I want to do I am giving myself a break and have decided not to choose any races right now. Instead I am to do some research and deciding what it is I would like to accomplish next year in my running life, then I will be able to decide what races will help me reach my goals. I also would really like to get back to the fun of it all :)

Most of all I want these guys
to know that they are the most important things in my life.

Hopefully this next week brings more clarity of mind and lots of running fun!!


  1. Great week Stephanie! I had 60 this week too but I broke my runs up a lot more than you. :) and ran slower. :) Excited to hear what you come up with for goals. You're so gifted! You haven't even begun to tap that talent. I'm sure of it! Your kids are so lucky to have you! xo

  2. I have found tremendous satisfaction recently in just training....making sure I have balance but not having a schedule hammered out rigidy....and racing when I feel like it. It's kind of cool to do things on the fly, and fits right into that mama of four lifestyle. :) Great mileage week, BTW....

  3. I hope you find that clarity. I am glad we are reading. I think that will help. great week chica!!! xxxx