Thursday, November 1, 2012

Mixed feelings-NYC 2012

What an emotional roller coaster this last week has been.  A week ago I was so excited for the New York marathon.  I have had the best training cycle that I have ever had and have stayed relatively injury free ( just the routine aches and pains).  Our trip was planned and full of fun stuff, the kids schedule was worked out in my absence.  I was full of hope and excitement.  Then news came that hurricane Sandy was headed for the east coast.  Still hopeful I watched and prayed for the people on the east coast, hoping that it would not be as bad as they were predicting.
Well as you all know it hit and it hit hard.  There is so much devastation and loss.  The marathon seemed very insignificant.  There was question as to whether it would go on at all.  I kept packing and planning as if it would but I had a pit in my stomach.  Wondering how I could travel to NY and run a marathon in the middle of so much hurt.  Would the people of NY think that we did not care about their loss?  Would they think that all we cared about was running the marathon and meeting our goals?  My excitement was gone and instead I felt guilt for even caring about the marathon.  My husband and I made the decision that if they decided to have the marathon we would go.  The city needed the economic boost and if they decided to have it we should go.  So we got on a plane this morning and I am now sitting in an apt In upper Manhattan typing this post.  I watched the local news tonight and the loss is worse than I was aware of.  As we were in a taxi driving to our apt we passed many police officers guarding gas stations where there were very long lines.  People are suffering, hungry and cold.  I want to be able to help, it is heartbreaking!
So while I hope to have a good race it is not about me anymore.  This race is dedicated to NYC, to a city that has been through so much, to it's people who are fierce, strong, and resilient but who are suffering and have been asked to do so much.
My hope is that while I am here I will find a way to help, to ease someone's pain.

I will run hard, I will give it my all as the people effected by this disaster have.


  1. Good luck on Sunday. It looks like you already got lucky being on the same flight as Kara Goucher. :-)

  2. Steph, It was so weird reading this post in light of all that happened.
    I know you are still in top shape, and hope that there is a way you can use this for another race. I saw your volunteer photos :) Hope you'll do a write up on that.

  3. Stephanie, wow, I can't believe you we're one of the many runners who traveled to NYC to run a marathon and ended up volunteering for hurricane relief. I'm so interested to hear about it! Anything else on the horizon? Ae you going to try for a different marathon soon?

    I hope to make it back out to Beaverton soon for another rainy run with you and Amanda!!