Saturday, September 12, 2009

St. George plan

So the St. George marathon is in 3 weeks. I do not intend to do the whole thing, probably just 16 or so. Having an 8 week old does not really jive with marathon training but since I got in and we were going to visit some our dearest friends anyway I might as well do some of it. The plan is to do about 16 miles, mostly because I hear this is the second major spectator area, the first being at mile 7 which is not far enough. So i plan to run until I see Mike and he pulls me off of the course which I am sure he will have to do. I love races there is just such an awesome feeling when racing. Hopefully it will not be too hard to stick to the plan.


  1. i remember running by that spectator area at mile 16 with my sister and hoping that our men would be there cheering us on (this is when we were both engaged). it was our FIRST marathon and we were so excited to get a little boost of encouragement from someone we knew. we looked and looked and were SO bummed when we didn't see them! we found out later that they couldn't make it up there cuz of traffic and where roads were blocked off. make SURE mike knows how to get up there so that he CAN pull you off that course! i did a marathon 6 months postpartum, but less than 3 is a bit crazy!

  2. I love races too!! I think it's awesome that you are still running this. I am with Merathon- you are amazing to do a long race so soon. I will be living vicariously through you as you train for Boston. Wish I was running it with you. I will be there someday- even if I have to be in the 40-45 age group to do it!

  3. Are you kidding Stephanie. I read a comment on Marathon Mommies that said you finished the St. George! I am amazed at your longevity. Did you really run through your pregnancy? Congratulations on a miraculous accomplishment. What was your longest run before the race? You must have a very proud and supportive hubby! Amanda