Saturday, July 2, 2011


So I have decided that I should not have shared my goal for my race on monday because now I am feeling the pressure!!!! Does anyone else ever regret sharing their goals? Maybe it is good for me, it will make me push myself, right? How do I deal with these nerves?
If anyone reading this has any ideas I would love to hear them!!!!!

Until I figure it out I will just try and go to a happy place :)


  1. Stephanie....I told my coach tonight that you ran 1:32 on Helvetias course and that you wanted to do sub 1:30 on sauvie and he was like "Oh yeah, no problem!!". you can do this!! you are SO capable...and sauvie is an amazing flat course...and now you will have ME to ride beside you and encourage you. not sure if you've ever had a pacer but it's the best thing EVER! I have ran both of my BEST races with my coach pacing me!!! I'm excited!!! xxx

  2. I think it's good to share your goal because it makes you work a little bit harder to achieve it. No one will judge you or be nasty to you if you don't manage to attain it, though, as long as you try your best. And you can totally do it!