Sunday, June 5, 2011

1/2 Taper Advice needed!!!!

So I am really bad a tapering before a race and usually do not do it before a 1/2 marathon at all.
Some recent history, in April I ran a 1/2 and it was miles 39-52 for the week. It was a hilly course and I ran a 1:35:39. After the race I wondered what I could do if I had not run so many miles that week before the race. So I have 1/2 this Saturday and it will be the 4th time that I have run this race. Last year I ran a 1:35:something and won my age group. I would really like to beat my PR for this race (would love to PR but, this course is hilly and my PR was on a downhill/flat course) and feel like I have a good shot if my left hamstring cooperates. I am still going to run this week but I want to try and cut back and see what I can do on fresher legs. Do any of you have any advice? I am crazy and have a hard time Not running! I know I am not the on;y one who suffers from this disease so share your thoughts with me, things you have tried that have worked for you, or things that you have read about. All signs point to that I should be able to do it but because I did so well last year but I have a goal this time and I am putting a lot of pressure on myself. I would love any and all thoughts :)

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  1. I say FORCE yourself to taper and see how you do. You might surprise yourself with more rested legs. Good luck on going for the PR and wow fast times!