Saturday, June 11, 2011

Maybe I should follow the "rules" more often :)

Helvetia Half
1:32:05 -PR for this race by 3minutes 18 seconds
1st in my age group
5th out of 2731 women

I am happy:) and tired!

Full race report coming soon!


  1. Well Done! I forgot you were racing this. I was there and I saw you but didn't know it was you. :) This is fantastic!! You must feel so happy! :)

  2. Great job! That is an awesome time and congrats on your placing!

  3. Way to go Aunt Steph! I'm still sticking to the training plan for the half this summer. So far so good (no knee problems this time... yay!).

  4. Way to go, you are my hero!!!

  5. I was hoping to find a more official race report so I could hear the details of this girl passing with a half mile. ;) You're still awesome and really rocked this race!