Wednesday, June 1, 2011

National Running Day


So today is National Running Day! Did you get your run on today?

I did 3.5 miles of speed work, mostly because it is national running day. I mean I could not just not run!!! That would be crazy! Cross training is for the birds! I did some but I just had to run :)

What did you do to celebrate? If you haven't yet, get out the door and go for a run :)

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  1. Happy Running Year, day, month, all the same to me but cool they have a day for it! :) Thanks for the good luck! And hey, just and fyi, if you respond to comments that I or anyone leaves on here, they have to be through e-mail or comment back on their blog...unless they subscribe to follow up comments somehow...I know weird. I just now found that you had responded to my earlier comments on here and I never knew...I thought you just either didn't get them or didn't respond. :) Hope to meet you soon!! :) Looks like a great weekend!!! wooo hooo!