Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Trying to be good :)

So I am trying to be good and let my body rest some before my race this weekend. I usually run like I do every other week during race week, I don't get enough sleep, and I am probably not hydrated enough going into most races ( I have done 3 of my 5 marathons at altitude and I live at sea level).
I decided that this week I am going to try and run 25% less than normal, get more sleep, drink a lot of water, and decide when and what I am going to fuel with. I know for many of you these are the things that you do before most of your races but I always break the "rules".
I know what my body can do on tired legs but I am wondering what it can do on fresher legs. Hopefully is is better otherwise I may never follow the "rules" again! :) I probably need to get a coach if I want to meet the goal that I have in my head. I need someone to tell me what to do!! No, I am not going to share my goals just yet, maybe soon. We will see how it goes :) Hoping the results are this...
Couldn't leave this one at the store :)

Yesterdays workout:
11 miles-some good hills- 7:12 pace

Todays workout:
Killer spin class, 15 minutes elliptical

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  1. How exciting to be approaching a race this weekend! You will be awesome! Can't wait to hear the race recap! Good luck! I thought you were on my blog roll but I've been missing these...off to catch up!